Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does our delivery schedule work?
A. We are a COD company. We accept check, cash or Visa, MC or Discover.
We guarantee delivery within 24-48 hours.

Q. What is your minimum delivery?
A. 100 gallons.

Q. Can I order oil on the same day I need it?
A. Yes. Same day delivery is available with a service charge, depending on the
time of day and distance. Please call the office for details.

Q. Do you deliver to certain places on certain days?
A. Yes. We deliver to our Massachusetts customers on Tuesday and Thursday.
We deliver to our New Hampshire customers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
During peak season, we deliver on Saturday.

Q. Is 24 hour emergency delivery available?
A. Yes. We have a service charge depending on the area. For any 24 hours emergency,
please call Cindy at (978) 346-4216.

Q. Do you offer automatic delivery? Does this service cost more?
A. Yes. We do offer auto delivery, and a credit card is required to be kept of file.
There is no additional charge for this service.

Q. If I run out of oil, do I need to do anything to start my boiler/furnace?
A. Yes. Generally a "re-light" is needed. There is a $30.00 fee for this service.

Q. Can you service my boiler/furnace?
A. We sub-contract our heating service through David's Heating out of Merrimac, Ma. Please
mention you are a Favorite Fuels customer, to receive prompt service. David's Heating is
available for 24hr. emergency repairs. Call (978) 346-4216.

Q. Do we sell Kerosene or Blend?
A. Typically, we do not sell Kerosene, off-road diesel or blend for under 1,000 gallons.

Q. Do you need "blend" for your outside tank?
A. No. We offer an additive for your outside tank when the temperatures become freezing.
This will prevent your oil from "gelling".

Q. Does Favorite Fuels offer pre-buy programs or budget plans?
A. No. We do not offer these plans at this time. We are a small family owned company
that believes in offering the lowest possible price for your fuel needs.

Q. Does Favorite Fuels offer discounts for large quantities of oil?
A. Yes. We will offer a discount for any delivery over 500 gallons. Please call the office.

Q. Does Favorite Fuels offer fuel assistance?
A. Yes. We are listed as a vendor for Southern New Hampshire Services for the Community
Action Program for Hillsboro and Rockingham Counties. This is a process which the customer
is responsible for completing prior to the delivery.

Please keep our drivers in mind this snowy winter. As a courtesy we would greatly
appreciate a shoveled path to your fill pipe during the snowy season! Thank you!